Brit Facing Jail for Assaulting a Bali Cop

The State News Agency Antara reports that Badung Regency State Prosecutor, Putu Deneil Pradipta Intaran, is pursuing criminal charges against UK National Stephen Michael Jamnitzky (39). 

Jamnitzky, from Chelmsford, England, is being charged with physically assaulting a member of the Kuta Police Precinct, Adhi Waluyo.

The head of the intelligence section of the Badung Prosecutor’s Office, Gde Ancana, revealed on Friday, 12 May 2023 that he is charging Jamnitzky under Section 351 (1) of the Indonesian Criminal Code (KUHP) with a maximum penalty of 2 years and eight months imprisonment in connection with the Englishman’s assault on an Indonesian policeman.

Ancana explained that the physical attack by Stephen Michael Jamnitzky (39) against police officer Adhi Waluyo began when the Brit refused to pay his bar bill at a restaurant in the Kuta area of Bali. Police from the Kuta Precinct responded to a report of the incident, quickly took Jamnitzky into custody, and brought him back to the police station. At the time of his arrest, the man was highly intoxicated, screaming at the police, demanding to be allowed to return to his hotel. The drunk was brought to a police detention room for further questioning.

The man’s screaming and demands for immediate release escalated. Because the drunken Englishman was difficult to control, he was put in a jail cell by policeman Adhi Waluyo. 

Later, when Waluyo entered the jail cell to speak to the prisoner, he was attacked as the Brit delivered headbutts against the policeman. This was followed by several hand blows to the officer’s head that caused the policeman to lose consciousness. 

As a result, the policeman was left with extensive facial bruising, a bloodied eyeball, and broken teeth.

The official reading of the indictment against the Brit was done without legal objection from the defense counsel. The next court session will see the presentation of evidence and interviews with witnesses.

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