Heavy Rain Cause Widespread Damage in Bali

Karangasem Bridge wash out

Two days of continuous heavy rainfall on Friday and Saturday, 07 & 08 July 2023, resulted in pockets of destruction in 78 disaster incidents across Bali. Information accumulated by the Provincial Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB-Bali)  and other sources provided the following island-wide tally:

78 incidents

31 Fallen Trees

12 Floods

29 Landslides

4 Collapse Buildings

One bridge destroyed

1 Washed-out road

2 Casualties (interim count)

5 Fatalities –

1 Person missing

Denpasar Metropolitan Area

In Denpasar, a tree fell at Jalan Drupadi No. 99, causing minor injuries to one person.

Badung Regency

3 Landslides occurred in Banjar Bantas, Desa Sibang Gede, and Abiansemal.

19 incidents of natural disaster in the following Badung Regency communities:

  • Tree down at Perum Giri Hill, Permata Raya Jimbaran,
  • Tree down on he road leading SMPN 4 in Petang, Banjar Senapan, Desa Carangsari, Petang.
  • Tree down at Pura Dalam Gede Desa Sibang Kaja, Abiansemal.
  • Tree down at Banjar Dualang, Desa Sibang Gede, Abiansemal.
  • Dividing wall collapse at Pura Subak Indrakila, Banjar Penikit, Desa Belok Sidang, Petang.
  • Tree down at Setra Desa Adat Pecatu (cemetery), South Kuta.
  • Tree down Banjar Anggungan Desa Carangsari, Petang.
  • Pura Pucak Sekar, Desa Sulangai, Petang.
  • Landslide at Jalan Beng-Ayung Rafting, Banjar Beng, Desa Carangsari, Petang.
  • Tree down at Pura Taman Sari, Banjar Tanggayuda, Desa Bongkasa, Abiansemal.
  • Flood at Jalan Abiansemal-Blahkiuh, Abiansemal.
  • Landslide at Banjar Karangenjung Bakti, Desa Sembung, Mengwi.
  • Landslide  at Jalan Puputan Jagaraga Banjar Beneh Kawan, Desa Blahkiuh, Abiansemal.
  • Tree down at the border at Jembatan Gunung-Punggul, Desa Taman Abiansemal.
  • Fallen wall at Banjar Sayan Baleran, Desa Werdhi Bhuana.
  • Flood at Pura Beji Puseh lan Desa, Banjar Sayan, Desa Werdhi Bhuana.
  • Landslide at Desa Kuum,
  • Fallen wall at Beji Taman Gili Dukuh, Desa Blahkiuh, Abiansemal.

Gianyar Regency

In the Gianyar Regency 28 separate natural disaster incidents in the following areas of Gianyar:

– Tree down at Jalan Tukad Melangit Utara RS Family Usada.

– Tree down at Desa Selat Samplangan.

– Tree down at Desa Tulikup.

– Tree down on Jalan Tampaksiring, Kecamatan Tampaksiring.

– Tree down in Banjar Pacung, desa Bitera.

– Tree down in Banjar Belusung Kaja, Desa Pejeng Kaja, Kecamatan Tampaksiring.

– Tree down on Jalan Banjar Jungut Sukawati, Kecamatan Sukawati,

– Tree down in Banjar Tengkulak Kaja Kauh, Desa Kemenuh.

– Tree down on Jalan Menuju Madangan Kaja-Bonyuh.

– Tree down on Jalan Ratna 1 No 6 Pratama Mandala.

– Tree down in Banjar Jungut Sukawati, Kecamatan Sukawati.

– Tree down in Banjar Uma Anyar, Desa Pejeng Kaja.

– Landslide on the western side of Pura Grya Sakti Manuaba, Banjar Tangkas, Desa Kenderan Kecamatan Tegalalang.

– Landslide on Jalan Manuaba-Sapat, Banjar Tengah Triwangsa.

– Landslide at Tempek Bucuan,Banjar Tengah Triwangsa.

– Landslide at Dusun Bukian in the direction of Melinggih Payangan.

– Landslide at Banjar Sema Desa Sumita.

– Landslide at Desa Buahan Kecamatan Payangan.

– Landslide at the Sebatu Tourism attraction/destination, Kecamatan Tegalalang.

– Landslide at Pura Taman Baginda Sebatu, Kecamatan Tegalalang.

– Landslide on the western side of Pura Puseh Desa Beng.

– Landslide on the western side of Pura Duur Bingin Tegalalang.

– Landslide on the connecting road for Pejeng-Ubud near the Hotel Maya.

– Tree down at Dusun Sanding, Tampaksiring.

– Tree down at Dusun Pejeng Kaja, Tampaksiring.

– One person was swept away by flood waters and later rescued with minor wounds in Ling, Taman Kaja, Ubud.

– Tree down in the parking area of Goa Gajah, Bedulu, Blahbatuh.

– Tres down and damaged a warung in Dusun Buruan, Bkahbatuh causing losses estimated at Rp. 10 million.

Tabanan Regency

Bali’s west coast Regency of Tabanan experienced three incidents of flooding with no casualties recorded:

– Flood at Perumahan Gria Multi Jadi, Desa Sanggulan.

– Flood at Perumahan Panorama, Desa Sanggulan.

– Flood at Perumahan Pesona Jadi, Desa Sanggulan.

Jembrana Regency

Also on the Island’s west coast, Jembrana Regency had 9 natural disaster areas, that include 3 fallen trees and 6 flooded areas. No casualties were recorded in Jembrana.

– Tree down on Jalan Munduk Kemoning, Kelurahan Dangin Tukad Aya.

– Tree down on Jalan Pulau Irian, Desa Budeng.

– Tree down on Jalan Denpasar-Gilimanuk, Desa Banyu Biru.

– Flooding in Banjir di Desa Kaliakah.

– Flooding on Jalan Sahadewa, Kelurahan Banjar Tengah.

– Flooding on Jalan Ngurah Rai, Negara.

– Flooding in the area of Awen, Kelurahan Lelateng.

– Flooding at Desa Pengambengan.

– Flooding on Jalan Sudirman in front of Kantor PN Jembrana

Karangasem Regency

On the Island’s east coast there were four areas of natural disaster resulting in one person sustaining serious injuries one fatality, and one missing person. The specific incident of local disaster:

– Landslide at Dusun Ngis Kaler, Desa Tribuana Kecamatan Abang.

– Tree down in Desa Abang.

– Flooding in Dinas Besang, Desa Ababi, Kecamatan Abang.

– Landslide in Banjar Dinas Segeha, Desa Bunutan, Kecamatan Abang.

Buleleng Regency

Provisionally no incidents of natural Disaster were reported from Bali’s north in Bulelelng Regency.

Klungkung Regency 

A survey of damage and casualties continues. Some local residents were evacuated from flooded areas to the Balai Budaya Klungkung.

Bangli Regency

Disaster mitigation workers report 15 incidents of natural disaster in Bangli Regency comprised of:

– Tree down at Kelurahan Kawan Jalur Tegalalang-Tambahan.

– Landslide at Desa Tembuku, Jalur Bangli-Karangasem.

– Road washed out on Jalur Tambahan-Bakas-Jehem, Desa Jehem.

– Landslide on the edge of Jalan Metro-Kedui, Desa Yangapi.

– Landslide on Jalan Bau-Susut, Kelurahan Cempaga.

– Tree down at Desa Dausa, Kintamani.

– Landslide on Jalan Galiran, Desa Jehem.

– Building collapse at Desa Jehem.

– Landslide on Jalan Besakih, Desa Jehem.

– Landslide at Banjar Bukti, Desa Yangapi.

– Landslide on Jalan Penglipuran-Cekeng, Desa Sulahan.

– Landslide at Banjar Cingang-Kayang, Desa Kayubihi.

– Tree down at Desa Apuan.

– Landslide on the road leading to Bangun Lemah Kangin, Desa Apuan.

– Landslide on the side of Jalan Undisan-Peninjauan, Desa Undisan.

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