ITDC-Bali to Create its Own Travel Bubble reports that the Nusa Dua Complex (ITDC) in South Bali is now preparing to become a “green zone” free of COVID-19.

Managed by the State-Owned Indonesian Tourists Development Corporation (ITDC), The Nusa Dua Complex aims to introduce more pervasive and thoroughgoing health protocols to provide a comfortable and safe destination for domestic and international visitors to Bali. 

Plans to create a “green zone” on a new, altogether higher level for tourists was revealed during a Global Tourism Forum Webinar hosted by the Indonesian Tourism Forum at the Hotel Pullman in Jakarta on Friday, 27 November 2020. The proposed zone will serve as a “travel bubble” where both the people visiting Bali and those helping them during their stay practice a stricter form of physical distancing.

The Vice-President for Destination Planning for the ITDC, Doddy Dwinandam, said the dynamic, pro-active plan is to create a total environment that adds to the sense of security and safety for each traveler despite the continuing pandemic.

Central elements of the new plan for a “green zone” include testing all tourist visitors to the Nusa Dua Complex. Moreover, many workers will be selected to temporarily take up residence in the Complex to minimalize the chance of infection by COVID-19 from outside sources. Doddy said to ensure visitors remain COVID-19 free, repeat testing will be undertaken, and select sterilized vehicles will be used for airport transfers. 

Doddy told the webinar that the ITDC hopes to launch its new COVID-19 free green zone in December 2020.

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