Java-Bali Ferry Runs Aground in West Bali and a host of other mainstream Indonesian media report that the inter-island RoRo Ferry KPM Tunu Pratama Jaya 3888 ran aground at the Port of Gilimanuk, West Bali, on the evening of Sunday, 10 October 2021.

The Head of the Jembrana Police Precinct, AKBP I Ketut Gede Wibawa, said the KMP Tunu Pratama Jaya grounded at around 10:00 pm on Sunday, some 30-meters from the shoreline as it was completing a Banyuwangi, East Java to Gilmanuk, Bali crossing of the Bali Straits.

Wibawa issued a written statement regarding the incident that told how the KMP Tunu Pratama Jaya was preparing to berth at the LCM Pelabuhan Gilimanuk Pier when it encountered a strong current and ran aground. Shortly after the ship’s grounding at 11:25 pm while still in a high tide situation, the ship’s captain managed to reverse off the reef and proceed to the intended berthing.

No injuries or damage to the vehicles onboard the vessel resulted from the grounding. Port authorities report that the ship, under Captain Mufidal Anwar’s command, was carrying five container trucks, nine large trucks, two medium-sized trucks, and 17 passengers.

The KMP Tunu Pratama Jaya 3888 was built in 2010 and is part of ferry armada operated by the Balikpapan-based company – PT Raputra Jaya. The vessel has a Gross Registered Tonnage (GRT) of 871 and a hull length of 51.41 meters.

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