Man Busted in Bali for Harvesting Dog Meat reports that Hermanus Mone (40) from Sumba Barat Daya, in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), has been arrested by Police in Kuta, Bali, in connection with the theft of pet dogs to consume and perhaps also supply the dog meat trade (RW) in Bali. 

After his arrest on Wednesday, 06 December 2023, Mone admitted to killing at least seven dogs. 

The head of the Kuta Police Precinct, Kompol Yogie Pramagita, accompanied by the spokesman for the Denpasar Police headquarters, AKP I Ketut Sukadi, told the press on 07 December 2023 that Mone was initially apprehended following a report from a Balinese man regarding the theft of a pig.

A Balinese man told police that on 20 May 2023, a pig he owned was stolen, incurring a loss of Rp. 3.5 million. Police investigations of that theft eventually led police seven months later, on 06 December 2023, to Hermanus Mone’s rented room in Jimbaran, South Kuta.

In the course of the police interrogation, Mone admitted that he stole the pig from Jalan Segara Mudua in Kuta on 19 May 2023 by first hitting the pig’s head with a metal bar before stabbing the animal three times in the neck and stomach area with a knife. He then used the rope to restrain the pig, dragging it to his home behind his motorcycle. Because the pig was too heavy, Mone was forced to abandon the pig near the scene while he made good his escape.

Bone also admitted to police the theft of seven dogs from various locations, including Kelan Beach, for consumption as RW – a popular dish in many areas of Indonesia prepared using dog meat. Police heard how he killed the dogs by using a steel bar to beat them to death.

Perpetrator Walk by Bali Police of Hermanus Bone (Image: Radar Bali)

Initially, Bone told police he killed the seven dogs because he was fed up with being barked at and chased by roadside dogs. Pressed for a fuller explanation, he eventually admitted the dogs were all brought to his home to be cooked and eaten.

Police determined that Hermanus Bone was a recidivist, imprisoned in the past for assault. He is now charged with an aggravated violation of  Section 363 paragraphs (2 ke 1a) under the Indonesian Criminal Code (KUHP), subject to imprisonment to a maximum of 7 years. He is also expected to be charged under Section 302, paragraph 2 of KUHP, with causing harm and death of an animal, which carries the threat of imprisonment for nine months.

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