Gruesome Discovery on North Denpasar River 

A developing news report tells of the horrific discovery of an infant’s body in North Bali with an indication that the child, or at least a child’s dead body, had been mauled by a monitor lizard. 

As reported by, two construction workers, Muhamad Helmi (23) and Huznuz Zamzami (28), while working at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, 06 December 2023, saw a large water monitor lizard dragging something along the Tukad Mati River’s edge. 

Intrigued and curious, the two men investigated further, leading them to a horrific discovery. The man shooed away the large lizard that left behind the dead body of a tiny baby.

A written statement by a spokesperson of the Denpasar Police. AKP I Ketut Sukadi, said: “The witnesses saw a monitor lizard (biawak) dragging something along the river bank. They investigated from a closer distance only to find a small corpse being consumed by the lizard.”

The men immediately contacted the police and their project supervisor to report the gruesome discovery. 

Police confirmed that the corpse of the baby was mutilated: the infant’s left hand was missing, the child’s neck broken, and the left thigh torn. 

The baby’s body has been sent to the morgue at Professor Ngoerah Denpasar Hospital for further disposition. 

While water monitor lizards are natural predators and scavengers, aggressive attacks on humans are rare. That no one has reported a missing infant to the police supports the view that the body had most probably been thrown in the river,, where it was subsequently scavenged as carrion by the large reptile. 

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