New Law Guarantees Prisoners’ Rights

The new Indonesian law covering imprisonment and the prison system was ratified on Thursday, 07 July 2022.

The new law was reviewed by, which focused on the rights and obligations now accorded to prisoners. 

Section 7 of the new law contains 11 key points:

  1. Imprisoned people have the right to follow worship services in conformance with their individual religious beliefs.
  2. Prisoners have the right to both physical and spiritual care.
  3. Prisoners have the right to education, instruction, recreational activities, and access to opportunities to develop individual potential (Point C in Section 7 of the law).
  4. Prisoners are entitled to receive sufficient levels of health care.
  5. Prisoners are entitled to receive food and nutritional care to meet established standards.
  6. Prisoners have the right to legal advice and legal assistance.
  7. Prisoners have the right to complain about the conditions of their detention.
  8. Prisoners are entitled to reading material and access to broadcast media providing the subject media is not banned by the government.
  9. Prisoners are protected from any actions that constitute torture, exploitation, neglect, violence, and all actions that pose a mental or physical threat.
  10. Prisoners are entitled to social service assistance.
  11. Prisoners are entitled to receive or revoke visits from family members, lawyers, friends, and the public.

The new law on prisoner care and rights was ratified in the 28th Plenary Session for 2021-2022 held in the Indonesian House of Representative (DPR) in Jakarta on 07 July 2022.

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