Owner on Trial in Death of 5 Hotel Workers

The trial of Vincent Yuwono, the owner of the Ayuterra Resort located in Ubud, in connection with the death of five hotel employees on 01 September 2023, is underway in Gianyar, Bali. (Pictured Above.)

Yuwono is charged with negligent manslaughter under Article 359 of the Indonesian Criminal Code, with State Prosecutors seeking 14 months imprisonment for the elderly hotel owner.

Prosecutors are charging the Ubud hotel owner in an ongoing trial with negligently causing the death of others.

The apprehension and trial of Yuwono were initially delayed when attorneys pleaded their client was too old and traumatized by the elevator mishap that killed five young people to face the investigative and judicial process. Alternatively, prosecutors and police allowed the man to undergo home imprisonment while awaiting trial. Yuwono’s attorneys told prosecutors that their client was manifesting symptoms of post-traumautic-stress-disorder (PTSD), including depression, pessimism, a lack of concentration, loss of appetite, and insomnia.

Nonetheless, prosecutors declared the man’s judgment sufficient to stand trial.

An earlier trial held on 17 April 2024 sentenced Mujana, the lift contractor who failed to maintain the inclinator properly, to 18 months imprisonment.

Five young Balinese, all housekeeping workers at the Resort, lost their lives because of the incident Sang Putu Bayu Adi Krisna (19) from Denpasar, Ni Luh Superningsih (20) from Gianyar, I Wayan Aries Setiawan (23) from Gianyar, Kadek Hardiyanti (24) from Bangli, and Kadek Yanti Pradewi (19) from Buleleng.

On 01 September 2023, the five workers boarded a glass-enclosed inclinator insufficiently supported by a single “sling.” When that sole sling failed, the five workers plunged 100 meters to their deaths.

Closed briefly after the tragic 01 September 2023 mishap, the website of the Ayuterra Resort is now operating and accepting bookings. 

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