Plans to End Traffic Jams at Sanur Port 

The Bali Provincial Transportation Agency (Dishub-Bali) has advanced two schemes to the Department of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) to overcome the traffic congestion surrounding the recently opened Port of Sanur.

Traffic Congestion at Sanur Port Eentrance

As quoted by, the Chief of Dishub-Bali, IGW Samsi Gunarta, said on Monday, 26 June 2023, overcoming the frequent gridlock at the entrance to the Port will be achieved through the use of traffic lights from the direction of Jalan Hayum Wuruk and the development of a parking area on Padanggalak Beach.

A pedestrian-oriented design model has been developed using existing traffic lights on Jalan Hayum Wuruk. Gunarta explained how the south side of the Sanur Port on Jalan Hang Tuah would become the drop-off point connecting passengers to the Port with shuttle buses and pedestrian walkways. 

“What remains is to develop how the facilities will permit drop-off stops and be connected to the port by buses,” said Samsi Gunarta.

With a parking area established on Padanggalak Beach adjacent to the Sanur Port, access over the Anyer River will be created to provide access to the Port.  

The proposed plans to overcome traffic congestion must still be accepted by the local community surrounding the Port of Sanur, which will be undertaken through socialization and communication.

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