Strong Earthquake in Central Java Region

An earthquake measuring 6.4 magnitude struck on Friday evening, 30 June 2023, at 19:57 WIB southwest of the Special Administrative Region of Yogyakarta in the Regency of Bantul. Shaking was felt across a wide area of Central Java, East Java, and West Java. reported that Ahimsa, a Wonogiri, Central Java resident, felt the floor of his residence roll. Adding: “As soon as I heard the fence shake and felt the floor move. We ran out of the house.” Traditional wooded drums or gongs (Kentongan) were sounded to raise the alarm in the surrounding communities as people fled their homes across Central Java. 

The seismic event was felt as far away as East Java and West Java, where people ran into the streets during shaking estimated by some people to have lasted for 15 seconds.

According to The Meteorology, Climate, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) the earthquake that occurred at 7:57 pm local time had a mid-ocean epicenter at 25 kilometers below sea level. 

Thirty-three points of property damage connected with Friday’s earthquake and its 20 aftershocks have been identified by BMKG. A BMKG official classified the earthquake measuring 6.4 magnitude as a “medium” event. Adding: “Taking into consideration the location of the epicenter and the depth of the hypocenter, the earthquake that occurred was a medium-sized earthquake due to the subduction activity of the Indo-Australian and Eurasian plates.” Daryono said further analysis revealed the recent quake was a “thrust fault” without any threat of a tsunami.

BMKG recommends the public remain calm and not be influenced by unsubstantiated gossip and hoaxes. Daryono also suggested people avoid using damaged buildings until they can be repaired and certified safe for occupation. 

While damage and casualties are still being assessed in connection with the earthquake, officials from the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) reported on 01 July 2023 one death, seven significant injuries, and 93 homes that suffered light to intermediate damage.

East Java reports 28 homes were damaged, as were four offices and two schools. 

Damage was also inflicted on places of worship, schools, government offices, and the power supply grid. 

Bantul in the Special Administrative Region of Yogyakarta is 570 west of Bali’s capital of Denpasar. The Friday evening quake was not felt on the Island of Bali

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