Police Campaign Against Errant Motorists

NusaBali.com reports that the Traffic Police Division of the Denpasar Police and related agencies are now busily engaged in a crackdown on traffic violators in the Island’s capital.

In the face of a growing number of traffic violations, traffic police are issuing a large number of tickets. The crackdown comes after several months when police were told to refrain from giving tickets, allowing ticket issuance by an automated CCTV-based computer system instead.

Police are now being urged to bring motorists, including foreigners, who are flagrantly breaking traffic laws, into line and issue manually written citations.

On Thursday, 09 March 2023, Denpasar Police set up checkpoints along many busy roads, including Simpang Buagan, Simpang Umadui, Tohpati traffic light, Simpang Grand Bali Beach in Sanur, the police post on Kuta Beach in front of The Hard Rock Bar, Simpang Siligita, Simpang Sunset, and Simpang Camay Jalan Agung Denpasar.

With the commencement of the crackdown on traffic violations, police are busy writing tickets at the checkpoints mentioned above for motorcyclists driving without a helmet and vehicles with no license plates. Police say that in the first two hours of the coordinated crackdown, 88 traffic violators were issued tickets.

Ketut Sukardi, the official spokesperson of the Denpasar Police, reported that traffic tickets were issued to 56 drivers for not wearing helmets; 10 drivers for lacking complete driver and vehicle documentation; 10 vehicles for lacking vehicle registration and proper license plates; 6 vehicles for having mufflers than had been modified to create elevated levels of noise; and 2 motorcycles carrying more than two passengers. 

Sukardi also confirmed that during the raids, police seized 17 motorcycles; 25 driver licenses (SIM); 46 vehicle registrations (STNK); and many more tickets issued by the police.

Police took action against both Indonesians and foreigners. Of the 16 foreigners cited, 14 failed to wear the mandatory helmet, and 2 for having more than two passengers on a motorcycle. Regarding nationality, the 16 foreign law violators comprised 13 Russians, 2 Americans, and 1 Thai national.

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