Police Raid Boozy Kitchen & Bar in Kuta

At 11:10 pm on Saturday, 12 February 2022, the Bali Police working with local enforcement agencies, dispersed customers of the Bali Boozy Kitchen and Bar on Jalan Ray Batu Belig in North Kuta and installed a police line around the perimeter of the establishment.

As reported by Balipost.com, the head of the Badung Police Precinct, AKBP Leo Dedy Defretes, received a report of a flagrant violation of Health Protocol regulations while he was in the process of leading a joint patrol of police, the Indonesia Armed Forces, and the Local enforcement Agency (Satpol PP Badung).

Because of the report, the patrol headed to the Bali Boozy Kitchen and Bar.

Commenting on what the team encountered at the location, Defretes said: “This was a violation of health protocol rules. We are obliged to take firm action following the established procedures. The Government has already declared a Level 3 PPKM status under Instruction No. 09/2022 of the Minister of Home Affairs that provides us with the necessary authority to take enforcement action.”

Level 3 PPKM rules place firm limitations on public movements, the operation of local businesses, and public gatherings to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Defretes complained that his team found that visitors to the bar were not following health protocols on maintaining physical distances while eating and drinking in public. What’s more, no bar code swipe station was in place for use with the mandatory PeduliLindungi online application.

When the joint enforcement team arrived at Bar-Restaurant, the authorities told the guests to pay their bills and leave quickly. “We installed a police line. The owner will be given firm guidance on obeying the rules and limitations stipulated for PPKM Level 3 under the Minister of Home Affairs instruction No. 9 of 2022,” said Defretes. 

The joint patrol takes immediate action against individuals and places of business, ignoring COVID-19 health protocols and busts up street racing activities in Bali that threaten public safety and disturb the peace in various areas of Bali. The patrols take place every Saturday night, primarily in the southern regions of the Island.