Private Air Charters Booming to Bali

As reported by, private jet charters are becoming an increasingly popular way to travel to and from Bali. 

Desires to fly in small groups fed by coronavirus fears and increased demand during peak travel periods – such as Lebaran, are fueling the upward trend in private jet charters.

Stefanus, a director of the charter operator Indojet Sarana Aviasi (Indojet), has confirmed a steep increase in requests for jet charters in the first part of 2022 compared with the past. “Requests for air travel by private charter jet during the Lebaran period is quite high. The trend for increased charter requests is around 20% higher for February until April of this year,” said Stefanus on Friday, 15 April 2022.”

He said the requests for jet charters are dominated by flights from Jakarta on main air routes in Indonesia, with some flights booked to favorite tourism destinations and airports overseas.

“In May, we received requests for flights between 01 and 15 May to various destinations including Bali, Labuan Bajo (Komodo), Tamboloka, Singapore, Yogya, Banjarmasin, and Surabaya,” said Stefanus.

Indicative charter Flight Prices from Indojet subject to aircraft type:

  • Jakarta to Labuan Bajo from US$33,000 for 6 passengers.
  • Jakarta to Surabaya fromUS$16,000 for 6 passengers.
  • Jakarta to Bali from US$19,500 for 6 passengers. 
  • Jakarta to Medan from US$29,000 for 6 passengers.
  • Jakarta to Yogya from US$14,000 for 6 passengers.
  • Jakarta to Makassar from US$29,000 for 6 passengers.
  • Jakarta to Lombok from US$21,500 for 6 passengers.
  • Jakarta to Sumba Tambaloka from US$32,000 for 6 passengers.
  • Jakarta to Labuan Bajo (Komodo) from US$35,500 for 8 seats.
  • Jakarta to Singapore from US$21,000 for 5 seats.
  • Jakarta to Yogyakarta from US$14,500 for 5 seats.
  • Bali to Sumba Tambaloka from US$20,500 for 8 seats
  • Bali to Lombok from US$8,000 for 6 seats.
  • Bali to Labuan Bajo (Komodo) from US$21,500 for 8 seats.
  • Bali to Pangkalan Bun (Borneo) from US$22,500 for 8 seats.

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