Strong Q1 for Bali International Arrivals

From 1 January until the end of April 2023, 1.4 million foreign tourists entered Indonesia using Bali as their gateway.

Quoted by, the Head of Bali’s Provincial Tourism Sevice, Tjok Bagus Pemayun, speaking at the Bali House of Representatives (DPRD-Bali), said on Friday, 19 May 2023: “Foreign tourist arrivals through the end of April 2023 equal 1,484,000. Now is low season, and the target for the year is 4.5 million foreign tourists.”

Meanwhile, the average length of stay for foreign tourists in Bali is now seven days. Pemayun explained: “The data from immigration (for length of stay) is seven days. We hope this will increase to a longer 14 or 21 days period, returning to levels enjoyed in 1990.”

The largest nationality group visiting Bali comprises Australians, followed by Indians, with Singaporeans in third place. In March, foreign tourists’ average length of stay was 12.361 days.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, an average of 15,000 foreign tourists arrived in Bali daily. Officials are hopeful that the current average of 12,000-13,000 foreign tourists per day can soon return to pre-COVID levels.

In 2019, the average of 15,000 foreign tourists landing each day in Bali resulted in a total for the year of 6.3 million travelers. In 2018, tourists from mainland China (PRC) were the largest source of visitors.

Separately, Bali’s Governor has stated his desire for a greater quantity of “quality tourists” staying for a more extended time with high personal spending. At the same time, he hoped that tourists visiting Bali would do more to honor the traditions and culture of Bali. 

“Quality foreign tourists with long periods of stay in Bali and high spending levels. I also hope they will become repeat visitors to Bali. I also hope that these tourists will show respect for Bali’s culture and traditions and act orderly in all regards, including obeying traffic rules and the use of vehicles from travel agencies,” commented the Governor.

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