Wanted: Homes for Troubled Bali Teddy Bears

Indonesian multi-talented content creator, impersonator, and actor Kristo Immanuel is a “superhero” in the eyes of many of Bali’s most needy residents and the kind folk who work at The Solemen Indonesia Foundation.

Kristo is a world-class impersonator who seamlessly drops in and out of cartoon voices, silver screen stars vocalizations, and political characters. Well known to Indonesian TV audiences, Kristo’s first contact with Bali Update’s John Daniels occurred in December 2020 when Kristo kindly agreed to participate in a Bali concert by musician Joey Alexander. On that occasion and at the same time while Daniels was introducing Joey Alexander, he was suddenly interrupted by virtual phone calls from Indonesian President Joko Widodo and former U.S. President Barack Obama.

Kristo’s magnificent impersonation of two Presidents shocked the audience, convincing a sold-out audience that both Jakarta and Washington were on the line.

Incorrigibly creative and generous, Kristo Immanuel (25) did not miss a beat or pause a moment when “Jack” Daniels reached out later to ask him to lend a hand to Solemen Indonesia Foundation in support of their essential charity work on the Island of Bali. 

A short time later, Kristo’s fertile imagination produced the short promotion video shown here promoting the purchase of Soleteddies that help fund the foundation’s work. 

We hope you’ll view the accompanying video featuring Kristo, a cast of Soleteddies, and the voices of Robert De Niro, Matthew McConaughey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Mrs. Doubtfire. 

And, while you’re at it, please consider adopting a Soleteddy to support this group’s outstanding humanitarian work.

Pardon a personal note of congratulations to Kristo Immanuel, who married the lovely Jessica Tjiu on 22 February 2022 at the historical GPIB Immanuel Jakarta Church in Jakarta

Newlyweds Kristio Immanuel and Jessica Tjiu

Poor Jessica, imagine her wedding night when the lights go off only to hear Robert, Matthew, Robert, Arnold, and a host of other male voices saying: “Good Night, Jessica.”

About Solemen

Founded in 2011, Solemen Indonesia Foundation has become of the most respected and reputable non-governmental organizations in Bali. Headed by two dedicated volunteers – Robert Epstone and Sarah Chapman, a dedicated paid staff of professionals alleviate the suffering of so many in Bali through community outreach, medical intervention, food aid, education, and, when needed, disaster response. 

Solemen’s activities benefit the sick, the poor, the disabled, and the marginalized in Bali.

Helping people who otherwise might fall through the social safety net in Bali, Solemen now has more than 3,000 “Solebuddies” under their care. 

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