Warm-Up Bubble Holidays Planned for Bali

The State News Agency Antara reported that the Ministry of Tourism and the Creative Economy has launched a “Warm Up Vacation” to persuade international tourists to fly to Bali and undergo quarantine in hotels using a “bubble system” of existing health protocols. This program is intended to assist the Balinese economy. 

Tourism Ministry Deputy for Marketing, Nia Niscaya

The Ministry’s deputy for marketing, Nia Niscaya, during a weekly press briefing in Jakarta on Monday, 07 February 2022, said the Warm-Up Vacation program would allow people undergoing quarantine to undertake activities in a designated “bubble area” prepared by the hotel. “We hope that this program will build faith in the marketplace that Bali is ready to welcome international tourists. A ‘Warm-Up Vacation’ will create a quarantine that will not feel like quarantine,” said Niscaya.

From Q1 until Q3 of 2021, Bali’s economy experiences a contraction of 3.43 percent.

In conjunction with the reactivation of international flights to Bali starting from Friday, 04 February 2022, the “Warm-Up Vacation” is offered to international travelers, both foreign and domestic, to allow them to undertake quarantine in one of the local hotels providing a “bubble system” facilities.

While prioritizing caution to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the ‘Warm Up Vacation” will ensure travelers are not confined to a hotel room for the duration of their stay. Instead, guests will be allowed to wander hotel grounds and facilities as a “warm-up” or “pre-holiday” while waiting for the quarantine period to end. “So they can engage in activities outside their room. Not all hotels can prepare this kind of program. At this time, only five hotels with a total of 447 rooms are offering the bubble concept at their properties,” explained Niscaya.  

The five hotels able to offer the “Warm Up Vacation” program are:

  • Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua, Bali
  • Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali
  • Griya Santrian in Sanur
  • Viceroy in Ubud
  • Royal Tulip in Jimbaran

The price for a 5 day – 4-night quarantine stay at one of the listed hotels will cost between Rp. 10 million to Rp. 15 million. The quarantine package typically includes three meals per day and all related activities during the quarantine stay.

Nia Niscaya assured that the Ministry and the participating hotels would jointly supervise the Warm-Up Holiday Programs. Each hotel listed above will prepare a “bubble area” to permit activities that might include beach activities, ping pong, or swimming. 

Plans are to add more hotels to the Warm-up Holiday Program from the 61 hotels with 3,400 rooms designated as quarantine hotels in Bali. Nineteen hotels have already put themselves forward to be included as Warm-Up Holiday hotels using the bubble concept.  

“The Warn Up Holiday Program is a trust-building program, and this is where the government takes a role. We must begin; we must plan; we must do trial runs. If we don’t do this, we will not be able to evaluate what improvements must be made,” said Niscaya.  

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