When in Bali, Wine and Dine Locally

Bali’s Governor Wayan Koster is asking that hotel managers selected to house G20 Summit delegates use Balinese produce and products in preparing meals for the conference attended by the world’s leaders.


Quoted by the State News Agency Antara, Governor Koster said: “First, I Ask the 24 hotel managers of G20 hotels to use local Bali products in preparing food for G20 delegates, creating menus that include Balinese eggs, Balinese vegetable dishes, Balinese fruits, and other Island products.” Speaking before the general managers of the 24 hotels, Koster said his request for local sourcing is in keeping with exisiting Gubernatorial Regulations.

The provincial regulations set procedures concerning the marketing and use of agricultural products, seafood, and item of local manufacture to support these economic sectors. The Governor commented, “additionally, this will help farmers, fishermen, and handicraft makers to benefit from the recovery of the tourism sector following the COVID-19 pandemic and also actively participate in the G20 Summit.”

The Governor also requested that G20 delegates consume beef produced and processed in Bali. Koster assures that Balinese beef products are tasty, tender, and equal in quality to imported beef. Local beef products, said the Governor, undergo testing before being sold to the consumer.

Governor Endorsing ‘Arak” and Local Alcoholic Beverages

Continuing, the Governor wants hotels also to host cocktail gatherings using “arak” – the locally produced toddy at these events.

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