2-3 Months of Cool Evenings Ahead in Bali

Bali has entered its cyclical dry season, characterized by cool monsoonal easterly winds from Australia.

During June – September, the Indonesian archipelagic chain of islands is bathed in soothing cool winds, bringing evening temperatures in Bali to comfortable levels of around 19 degrees Celsius.

This year, the dry season in Bali will peak in August, bringing with it consistently cool evenings and extended periods of little or no rain. This could potentially impact crop yields, so farmers need to be prepared.

During this “dry” period, the El Nino index will become fairly neutral in its effect, resulting in insignificant increases in rainfall with prevailing winds coming from easterly and southeasterly directions.

State meteorologists (BMKG) urge the public to exercise caution during the coming cool-dry season, remaining aware of the health complications  that can accompany seasonal change,

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