Australians Dominate Bali Tourist Arrivals reports that in March 2023, Australians dominated foreign tourist arrivals to Bali. The National Statistics Agency (BPS) noted 89,783 Australians landed in Bali.

The head of BPS-Bali, Endang Retno Sri Subiyandani, explained that these arrival figures increased by 13.52% compared to arrivals in February 2023.

Continuing, Endang said that the second largest grouping of visitors to Bali in March was tourists from India, with 28,617 visitors. In the same month, 21,003 Singaporeans, 20,775 UK Nationals, and 20,360 citizens of the USA landed in Bali.

In aggregate, 370,832 foreign tourists entered Bali in March 2023. Compared to the previous month of February, this increased by 14.59%.

Broken down further by gateway for March 2023, 367,090 foreign tourists landed at Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport – an increase of 15.76% over the previous month. Tourists arriving via Bali’s three seaports (Benoa, Celukan Bawang, and Padagbai) totaled 3,742 foreign tourists. The number of sea arrivals declined by 42.55% compared to February 2023.

Market demonstrating strong growth in arrivals in March were Singapore (+69.41%) and The Middle East (+41.68%).

 Hotel Occupancies 

Ironically. Despite the increase in foreign tourists, hotel occupancies in Bali in March declined by 1.21 percent to an average of 40.01%. The average length of stay for tourists in March was 2.417 days.

According to BPS, non-starred hotels in March experienced an average occupancy of 25,31% – an increase of 1.14% over the previous month. The average length of stay at non-starred hotels in March was 2.3 days.

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