Bali Immigration Update

Russian tourist arrivals in Bali are now on the decline. Russian travelers, who once ranked as the most numerous nationality group in February 2023, were pushed out of the “top ten arrival group” of nationalities starting from April 2023.

According to Anggiat Napitupulu, – the head of the immigration office in Bali and quoted by, during the first four months of 2023, some 1,164,042 foreigners landed on the Island. During this period, the greatest number of travelers were Australians, who averaged around 90,000 per month. Napitulu said that after news of misbehaving Russians began to propagate in local media, Russian arrivals have steadily declined.

Russia occupied the second-highest ranking in arrivals in January at 22,703 incoming passengers, declining to 17,874 Russians in February, dropping to 14,864 in March.

The immigration chief said that while Australian arrivals continue to rank highly each month, by April, Russian arrivals were no longer in the “top ten,” while Australia, India, China, and Western Europe continue to perform well in terms of inbound passengers to Bali.

During the first four-month of 2023, immigration officials have deported 101 foreign nationals from Bali, with Russians predominating among deportees originating from 31 countries. 27 Russians were expelled during the first four months of this year. Currently, 18 people are in immigration detention awaiting deportation, including a group of Russian who desecrated The Besakih Temple.

The immigration official said those foreigners violating rules and social norms comprised people utilizing tourist visas, visitor visas, and investor visas.

The deportees have violated social norms and the terms and limitations of their visa class.

Visa Breakdowns by Type of Visa

Updated totals by type of visa for foreigners now living in the Province of Bali.

Temporary Stay Permits (ITAS)

There are currently 31,038 temporary stay permits (ITAS) issued by Bali immigration. The largest single group by nationality holding an ITAS are Russians (5,239), followed by Australians (3,819).

Visitor Visas (ITK)

The current total of visitor visas (ITK) issued by Bali immigration is 13,990. Again, Russian ITK holders predominate at 6,868, with Ukrainians in second place (796).

Permanent Stay Permits (ITAP)

The total number of Permanent Stay Permits (ITAP) is 4,821. The largest nationality grouping holding ITAPS is Australians at 726.

Call for Public Support

Barron Ichsan of the Bali Immigration Offices has requested the public assist in reporting to their nearest immigration office any foreign nationals who create public disorder or are involved in activities outside the limits of their immigration permits to the special Foreigner Supervision Team (Tim Pora). Adding: “Please report, don’t only be bold enough to make videos that go viral while not bothering to report these individuals who are then allowed to go free.”

Ischan projects that 300 foreign nationals will be deported in 2023. In the first four months of this year, 101 have already been deported. Barron said these numbers will only grow when the May data is included. He acknowledged that the growing number of deportations from Bali would impact the image of Bali tourism. Ischan commented: “This will create a negative impression for Bali tourism. We pledge to work without going viral, and our work does not need to be popular.”

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