Bali Arts Festival 18 June –16 July 2023

The 45th edition of The Bali Arts Festival (PKB XLV), a month-long event from 18 June until 16 July 2023, will feature the talents of thousands of Balinese and international artists, followed by the Festival Bali Jani (FSBJ) that will run until 30 July 2023.

During a press conference held on Friday, 03 May 2023, at the Provincial Cultural Office (Dinas Kebudayaan – Disbud), the Provincial head of Arts and Cultural Workers – Ni Wayan Sulastriani, said, “The contents of the PKB XLV will be much like in year’s past but with different presentations.” 

The theme adopted for the PKB XLV is “Segara Kerthi: Prabhaneka Sandhi” (The Oceans as the Source of Civilization) will celebrate the seas and oceans as the source of universal welfare and the origin of civilized society. The oceans symbolize our collective knowledge, the depth of nobility from the noble demeanor, cultural identity, and local knowledge of the Balinese people (Krama Bali). 

The ocean symbolizes the breadth of knowledge and the depth of noble values acting as the estuary where various creations, tastes, and human initiatives are combined, giving birth to a rich culture representing the noble and superior civilization of Krama Bali.

The oceans surrounding the Island of Bali symbolize a local openness to the world and an indigenous readiness to understand and harmoniously accept foreign cultures. Because of Bali’s strong endemic culture and this openness to world culture, the Island is the Center of World Civilization (Bali Padma Bhuana).

The many programs of PKB XLV are conducted at The Taman Budaya Art Center Denpasar, the ISI Denpasar Campus, and the People’s Struggle Monument. While in the past, the presiding President of Indonesia traditionally officiates at the official opening of the PKB, plans in 2023 are for the 5th President of the Republic of Indonesia, Megawati Soekarnoputri, to open the event and serve as marshal of the Peed Aya – Pawai (Grand opening parade) and attend the opening performance at the Ardha Candra Denpasar Stage.

This year’s Grand Opening Parade will feature performers from the Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) and contingents from the nine regencies of Bali presenting cultural displays reflecting the theme of this year’s festival. Art groups from 14 cities and provinces across Indonesia will participate in this year’s Bali Arts Festival. Among the outer island representatives booked to participate are Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Sleman, Bekasi, East Kalimantan, and East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

Culinary and handicraft stands will be in operation during the festival at Taman Budaya. 75-80 artists will exhibit their works reflecting several schools of art: Kamasan, Batuan, and Padangtegal. The Provincial Government will bestow awards and trophies to 10 senior Balinese artists during the event.

Within the Bali Arts Festival context, the Bali World Culture Celebration will include foreign artists from Japan, Thailand, Australia, Belgium, India, Malaysia, and China. In all, 18,794 artists are expected to participate in PKB 2023.

Meanwhile, the 5th Festival Bali Jani 2023 (FSBJ) also embraces a sea link via the theme of “Citta Rasmi Segara Kerthi, Bahari Sumber Inspirasi,” drawing inspiration from the oceans. Activities include competitions, exhibitions, parades, seminars, workshops, and an awards program. FSBJ Curator announced that there would also be plays, animated films, choral competitions, and stand-up comedy events.

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