Bali’s Wish List for Sandiaga Uno

NusaBali reports that Indonesia’s newly appointed Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy, Sandiaga S. Uno, is being called upon by members of Bali’s tourism industry to restore the Island’s economy quickly.

Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy,
Sandiaga S. Uno

Given Sandiaga’s reputation as a successful millennial businessman and politician, many believe him uniquely qualified to revitalize national tourism. 

The chairman of the Bali Villa Association (BVA), I Gede Sukarta, commenting on the industry’s aspirational hopes for a revitalized tourism industry, said, “Sandiaga is innovative and must act quickly.” 

Sukarta describes Bali Tourism as in a state of collapse due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving the Balinese people destitute.

Sukarta admitted that Sandiaga would need assistance from many parties, tourism stakeholders, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Minister of Transportation, Minister of Trade, and Minister of State-owned Enterprises. Nonetheless, Sukarta remains optimistic that the new Tourism Minister will be able to rejuvenate national tourism.

Sukarta also admitted that Bali remains isolated from foreign visitors because of closed travel borders that, over time, will reopen when foreigners feel it is safe to revisit Bali.

“Through collaboration with foreign legations and ambassadors from friendly nations, Bali will be able to communicate the condition of Indonesia, specifically underlining that Bali is safe to visit,” said Sukarta. 

Separately, the Nawacita Pariwisata Indonesia (NPI) chairman, I Gusti Kade Sutawa, is calling on Sandiaga Uno to quickly coordinate with all tourism stakeholders to rebuild the tourism industry expeditiously.

Sutawa, the head of Nawacita Pariwisata, says the national tourism industry will be preceded by the restoration of Bali’s tourism industry. 

NPI has created a list of steps they hope the new Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy will undertake:

  1. They hope Sandiaga Uno will reopen borders and restore direct international flights to Bali.
  2. To restructure the tourism sector’s debt for the coming year, which is currently proving too burdensome for many tourism players.
  3. Extend aid to tourism workers left unemployed or working part-time because of the continuing pandemic

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