Ferry Rates Bali – East Java Increase 6%

NusaBali.com Reports that the official ferry tariffs between the ports of Ketapang, East Java, and Gilimanuk West Bali increased by an average of 5.93% effective 03 August 2023.

Quoted by Nusabali.com, Syamsudin, the general manager of the Ketapang-Gilimanuk Ferry Service (ASDP), said on Wednesday, 26 July 2023, the tariff increase was done in accordance with a Decree from the Ministry of Transportation (Nomor KM 61 Tahun 2023) regarding economy class crossing tariffs between Indonesian provinces and international connections.

The ADSP Headquarters in Jakarta said the increase in ferry tariffs was necessitated by several factors, including fuel (BBM), an increase in minimum wage levels, inflationary pressures, and changes in international exchange rates.

Higher fares, said Syamsudin, will also allow the ferry service to upgrade and enhance service, safety, and security standards on Indonesian ferry routes.

Syamsudin reports that a socialization and coordination meeting conducted by the Ministry of Transportation on new ferry tariffs was held in Denpasar on Tuesday, 25 July 2023, where interested parties and agencies were invited to attend. Those invited to attend included representatives of the Indonesian National Ferry Owner Association (INFA); The Association of River, Island, and Ferry Crossing Operators (Gapasdap); the Association of Indonesian Truck Operators (Aptrindo); the Indonesian Consumer Association (YLKI); Indonesia Transportation Society (MTI), and various ship owners/operators.

Banners and posters have been installed at various locations in Bali and East Java, listing the new ferry tariffs.

New Ferry Tariffs Between Ketapang and Gilimanuk

Pedestrian Fares:

  • Adults Rp10.600  (an increase of Rp 950).
  • Infants Rp 1.600 (reduction of Rp 100).

Vehicle Fares:

  • Golongan I: (Bicycles) Rp 11.000 (an increase of Rp 950).
  • Golongan II: (Motorcycles under 500 cc) Rp 31.600 (an increase of Rp 2.550).
  • Golongan III: (Motorcycles above 500 cc) Rp 45.000 (an increase of Rp 2.500).
  • Golongan IVA: (Passenger vehicles under 5 meters in length) Rp 213.400 (an increase of Rp 13.550).
  • Golongan IVB: (Goods vehicles under 5 meters in length) Rp 182.400 (an increase of Rp 10.250).
  • Golongan VA: (Passenger vehicles between 5-7 meters in length) Rp 420.4000 (an increase of Rp 28.400).
  • Golongan VB: (Goods vehicles between 5-7 meters in length) Rp 309.500 (an increase of Rp. 17.580).
  • Golongan VIA: (Passenger vehicles between 5-7 meters in length) Rp 637.800 (an increase of Rp 44.450).
  • Golongan VIB: (Goods vehicles between 7-10 meters in length) Rp 511.100 (an increase of Rp 26.200).
  • Golongan VII: (Vehicles between 10 – 12 meters in length) Rp 630.300 (an increase of Rp. 31.800).
  • Golongan VIII: (Vehicles between 12-16 meters in length) Rp 888.300 (an increase of Rp 45.200).
  • Golongan IX: (Vehicles longer than 16 meters in length) Rp 1.229.600 (an increase of Rp 61.950).

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