Pande Ardika Helms Bali Hai Cruises

Bali Hai Cruises (PT. Bali Cruises Nusantara), Bali’s pioneering international day-cruise operator, was established in 1990. Bali Hai has formally announced the promotion of its most senior employee, Pande Ardika, to General Manager.

Recruited more than 30 years ago by Perth-based visionary Australian businessmen Dick Chandler and Rob Mazzucchelli, the youthful Pande Ardika was initially assigned to the reservation and front office division, where he embarked all guests departing on the luxurious Bali Hai Cruise I Catamaran for a luxurious one-day cruise to nearby Nusa Lembongan Island. 

Over the past three decades, Pande Ardika has married and established a family in Bali while working his way up Bali Hai Cruises’ corporate ladder, laboring in senior sales and management positions. For most of the past decade and during the challenge-filled downturn caused by a global pandemic, Pande has manned the helm at Bali Hai Cruises, serving in the combined roles of Director of Sales and Acting General Manager since 26 March 2012.

During Pande Ardika’s long tenure with Bali Hai Cruises, he supported and helped nurture the rapid growth and development of Bali Hai’s extensive product range of water sports activities, cruises, and off-shore holiday accommodation options. On Nusa Lembongan Island, located only a short distance from Bali’s port of Benoa, Bali Hai has created an idyllic beach club on the shores of Mushroom Bay – replete with an accommodation complex at Hai Tide Beach Resort

Bali Hai also operates an evening dinner cruise program, SY Aristocrat – an excursion sailing catamaran, a recreational pontoon, and high-speed zodiacs deployed on the popular Nusa Penida Adventure Cruise. 

Utilizing Bali Hai’s vast array of land-based and floating assets, Bali Hai Cruises also operates incentive tours,  weddings, and dive excursions.

Pande joined PT Bali Cruises Nusantara (Bali Hai Cruises) in 1990 and was present when the Bali Hai I vessel began operations at Benoa Harbour. Over the past 2.5 decades, the company has grown to offer a variety of activities, including day and evening dinner cruises, a Beach Club, Hai Tide Beach Resort, restaurant options, spa experiences, weddings, and diving excursions.

Pande is Bali Hai’s “man-in-charge” for a marine operation with four main vessels with seating capacities of up to 600. The company employs over 330 staff members, predominantly Indonesians and a small group of international professionals. Bali Hai owns and operates a fleet of 26 air-conditioned vehicles that provide transfers from its main port at Benoa to all Bali hotels and villas.

Pande was also instrumental in launching Bali Hai’s two-bedroom villa with en-suite bathrooms and a private pool at Hai Tide Beach Resort on Nusa Lembongan.

“Treat any challenges as an opportunity to grow; a rough sea makes skilled sailors.”

Pande Ardika, General Manager, Bali Hai Cruises

The company also recently expanded its range of services and products, including Gili Trawangan, Lombok, and Gili Hai Cruises.

Pande, who dedicates his spare time to his family and hobbies, including travel, hiking, and walking, lives by the personal mantra: “Treat any challenges as an opportunity to grow; a rough sea makes skilled sailors.”

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