Podcast: Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno

Balidiscovery.com and Bali Update has just uploaded its latest Podcast – a detailed interview with Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno.

In a wide-ranging Zoom exchange lasting almost 40-minutes, John Daniels posed a series of questions that precipitated detailed responses by Minister Sandiaga on a variety of topics.

Minister Sandiago shared some of the specific job tasks given to him by President Joko Widodo upon his cabinet appointment in late December 2020. The Minister also described the incentives and supports being extended to help Indonesia’s industry persevere in the current crisis. Another question saw Sandiaga relate strategies and plans for achieving “herd immunity” through large-scale vaccination, plans to create COVID-controlled lanes and green zones, and the Minister’s thoughts on how Bali should approach tourism marketing in the “new normal.”

Balidiscovery.com thanks Minister Sandiaga for the generous provision of his time and kind cooperation that made the Balidiscovery.com Podcast possible.

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