Visas Valid for Direct Entry to Bali

The Indonesian Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in Bali have announced the four types of visas allowed entry to Bali and the rest of Indonesia.

While the popular visa-on-arrival is at least temporarily unavailable in Indonesia, the four types of visas available to qualified foreign nationals seeking entry to Indonesia are:

  • Diplomatic Visas
  • Service Visas
  • Limited Stay permits
  • Visitor Visas

As reported by, Jamaruli Manihuruk- the head of the Bali Office of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights – the government branch responsible for immigration matters – said international passengers who arrive directly in Bali via approved government travel corridors are most welcome.

To obtain one of the visas listed above, applicants only need to apply to the Director-General of Immigration filed by a guarantor living in Indonesia. “Although we have given four choices of applicable visas, I think that any visitors will be mostly people holding visitor visas,” added Jamaruli.

The man in charge of immigration in Indonesia said he was thankful that plans were now in hand to reopen Bali’s airport and reinvigorate the Island of Bali’s economy. “The regional office of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights for the Province of Bali that includes the Immigration Office at Ngurah Rai Airport is very ready to welcome foreign tourists,” said Jamaruli.

Jamaruli explained that the Immigration Office had not reduced the number of personnel working at Bali’s airport. He also admitted that there had been no sizeable increase in foreign visitors passing through Bali’s airport on the first day of its official reopening, 14 October 2021. 

Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport has 16 immigration counters, each desk designed to be staffed by two officers. 

Ready for a rush of tourists that has yet to materialize, Jamaruli explained that an immigration officer only requires one minute to process a visitor’s documents meaning the counters, when fully staffed, can handle over a thousand arriving passengers in a single hour.

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