What Child is This? Mystery Death in Bali

The discovery on 6 December 2023 of a partially devoured corpse of an infant child on a river bank in North Denpasar, Bali (Gruesome Discovery on North Denpasar River), remains a mystery to the investigating police as the result of minimum evidence and a complete lack of witnesses.

According to Radarbali.com, among the investigative lines being pursued by police is information from the community regarding details on women who live in the vicinity of the Tukad Mati River who recently gave birth.

Scene of Dead Baby’s Discovery (RadarBali)

The spokesman for the Denpasar Police Precinct, AKP Sukadi, officers are canvassing information regarding recent births on or before 06 December near Jalan Gunung Catur II, Ubung, North Denpasar, bordering the Tukad Mati River.

Speaking on Sunday, 10 December 2023, AKP Sukadi said: “Until this point, there are not any indicators as to who may have abandoned the baby at the river. A minimum number of CCTV cameras are operating in the area or any people who may have witnessed activities that might yield a clue.” 

Police promise to follow up any leads from the public on newborn babies before the date of the corpse’s discovery. Police are enlisting the public’s help in providing information about women who recently gave birth but who now have no baby to present in their household.

The dead baby was first discovered by two local construction workers, A Muhamad Helmi, 23, and Huznuz Zamzami, 28, who saw a giant monitor lizard dragging carrion along the nearby river bank. Closer investigation disclosed the corpse of a badly mutilated infant. 

Subsequent forensic investigation revealed that the baby was a female missing its arms, almost decapitated head, and a mutilated right thigh.

The corpse is now in the morgue of Professor Dr. IGNG Ngoerah Hospital in Denpasar, undergoing further investigation, including DNA screening.

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Gruesome Discovery on North Denpasar River 

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