Xenophobia Strikes Naturalized Indonesian

Reports in the local media, including Beritabali.com, and formal statements by the Denpasar Immigration Office have soundly debunked numerous reports regarding a foreigner working illegally as a tour guide in Bali.

Alessandro Tanganelli – a naturalized Indonesian of Italian descent, who is a guide holding a license from the Bali Guide Association (HPI) and has passed the rigorous proficiency tests needed to work as a guide in Bali, was repeatedly the subject of misguided complaints claiming he was working illegally in Bali.

Alessandro Tanganelli – a Naturalized Indonesian of Italian Descent

Immigration officials responded to these reports, verifying that Tanganelli is a naturalized Indonesian citizen married to an Indonesian citizen and holds a guide license issued by HPI.

Quoted by Beritabali.com, the head of the Denpasar Immigration Office, Tedy Riyandi, confirmed on Sunday, 27 August 2023, that investigations conducted by the Intelligence and Enforcement Division of the Immigration Department confirmed the legality and bona fide immigration status of Alessandro.

Originally, Alessandro Tanganelli held a temporary stay permit (ITAS) available to foreign nationals married to Indonesian citizens. Over time, the man successfully applied for Indonesian citizenship. 

Yuli Pupitasari, the wife of Tanganelli, contacted via telephone by Beritabali.com, confirmed that her husband became an Indonesian citizen in 2021 and works as a licensed HPI guide.

Tanganelli and his wife own a licensed travel agency registered under The Indonesian Association of Tour and Travel Agencies (ASITA).

Tedy Riyandi thanked the public for reporting their concerns to immigration officials. He can, however, confirm that Tanganeli is an Indonesian Citizen working and living legally in Bali. At the same time, Riyandi admonished those who irresponsibly and incorrectly rushed to publish baseless accusations accusing immigration officials of failing in their legal enforcement responsibilities without bothering to seek official clarification. 

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