BIH Gearing Up for Expert Medical Care

The Government Holding Company for State-owned hospitals – Indonesia Healthcare Corporation (IHC), and the Indonesian Ministry of Health continue to closely monitor the construction and development of the Bali International Hospital (BIH), set to open in early 2024 in the new Special Economic Zone in Sanur.

Quoted by, Budi Gunadi, the Minister of Health, said his Ministry is supporting all preparations for the imminent opening of BIH, including surveying the potential markets for the medical services to be provided by BIH. Meanwhile, foreign medical experts and Indonesians working as health professionals abroad are actively being recruited to join the BIH team. 

Earlier, the government declared that payment by BPJS, the state Medicare provider, would not be accepted for care at BIH. Instead, the market segments sought by the ultra-modern medical center are well-heeled Indonesians currently electing to seek treatment abroad and well-insured foreign nationals.

The Minister of Health said that the BIH management is busily recruiting Indonesians trained and working as doctors abroad to return to their homeland and continue building their professional careers.

The Ministry of Health hopes to use BIH as a prototype that will pave the way for establishing other sophisticated medical centers across Indonesia to popularize the idea of Indonesians seeking medical care in Indonesia instead of traveling overseas.

The CEO of  PT Pertamina Bina Medika IHC, drg. Mira Dyah Wahyuni, MARS, explains that BIH seeks to establish a value proposition founded on high-quality clinical care and “timeless care” by reducing the waiting time for all levels of medical treatment. This “convenience of care” will occur due to ready accessibility via the tourism hub of Bali.

Drg Wahyuni continued: “BIH construction will be completed in April 2024, followed by a thorough commissioning process that will include treatment simulations to ensure patient welfare. The Grand Opening is scheduled for the third quarter of 2024.”

The BIH CEO said the latest medical advances and technology would form part of BIH’s treatment in cardiology, oncology, neurology, gastrointestinal care, and orthopedic care (CONGO). Orders have already been placed for state-of-the-art installation of MRI, CT Scan, CATH scan, PET CT, SPEC CT, and endoscopic equipment needed to screen and treat colorectal cancers. 

Drg. Wahyuni said BIH will prepare Full Option True Beam INAC ( linear accelerator) for high-energy x-rays. The INAC imaging device will be the first of its kind in Indonesia and will be accompanied by Brachytherapy, Mammography, Digital X-rays, and Fluoroscopy. The related sophisticated treatment and diagnostic equipment is now being delivered to the project site so that commissioning can start in January for eventual use in April 2024.

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