German Dies Photographing Bali Sunset reports that a German man, Maximilian Alekander Tezner (22), died on Tuesday afternoon, 26 September 2023, after falling into a ravine at a Hindu Temple – Pura Luhur Srijong at Banjar Dinas Payan, Antap Village, in Tabanan, West Bali.

At the time of his death, the man was staying in a Kuta area hotel.

Tabanan Police Photo

Details surrounding the circumstances of the German’s death say that on Tuesday afternoon, at 5:50 p.m., Tezner visited the temple in the company of a friend, Selina Herbst (21). Using an online taxi to travel to the site, the two tourists walked in a westerly direction towards the temple, ostensibly to enjoy and film the sunset from the ocean-facing cliff.

Police suspect the couple fell down the cliff face into a 15-meter-deep ravine. The couple then screamed for help. They also used their handphones to call their online taxi driver, Siauw Wandi Eka Sucipto. Alerted to the situation, the driver went to the home of a local resident in search of assistance. Neighbors contacted the police of the Skenadeg Precinct in Tabanan, who rushed to the accident scene. 

When police descended the cliff face, they found the dead body of Tezner with signs of bleeding from his head and ears. 

The Chief of the Selemadeg Police Precinct, AKP Nikolaus Sina Ruing, confirmed the incident to the press. Called to the accident scene, police also alerted the Tabanan Water Police and the Tabanan Disaster Mitigation Team (BPBD) to assist in evacuating the German’s body. “The victim was already dead when police arrived. Authorities evacuated the man’s body to the Tabanan General Hospital,” said Officer Riung.

Police blame a lack of caution for the man’s fall. Adding: “Because he was incautious, the victim fell into the ravine,” said the local Chief of Police.

Meanwhile, the Salemadeg District Chief (Camat), I Wayan Budiarsa, commented that the German tourist had been in Bali for three weeks and planned to return home three days after his fatal fall. Adding: “The man’s remains have been transferred to the Sanglah General Hospital (sic) after undergoing a preliminary examination at the Tabanan Hospital.” 

The man’s companion confirmed they had traveled to Tabanan to enjoy a sunset from the cliff supporting Pura Luhur Srijong. The man slipped and fell into the ravine when he became distracted while recording the moment with his camera.

Water Police and BPBD Personnel brought the man’s lifeless body out of the ravine at 8:00 p.m. using the less-challenging egress along Batu Lumbang Beach. 

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