Lifecare Taxis for Bali’s Sick & Disabled

Lifecare Taxi – a division of the Bluebird Taxi Group – will soon commence operation within two months in the Denpasar and the Badung Regency in Bali.

As reported by, Lifecare Taxi is a new transportation service that is offered primarily for passengers who are ill or disabled.

Panca Wiadnyana, the General Manager of Bluebird Bali, explained on Monday, 25 February 2024, that the new service will make the sick and disabled more mobile in moving to, from, and between various locations in Bali. The new Lifecare Taxi service in Bali follows a successful launch of this service in Jakarta, where five Lifecare Taxis are already in operation.

Bluebird Taxi is approaching hospitals in Bali, seeking cooperation in establishing Lifecare Taxi Stands to serve their patients.

Panca Wiadnyana explained that the 3-passenger and one-driver Lifecare Taxi vehicle drivers will be trained with drivers able to deal with the ill and injured. Additionally, wheelchair passengers will be accommodated with seating designed to facilitate movement and access by people with disabilities.

Panca assured the tariff charged by Lifecare Taxis will not vary significantly from Bluebird Taxi’s standard fares. The formal fares for Lifecare Taxis in Bali have yet to be released.

Commenting further, Panca said: “We hope that our service will be relevant in meeting our customers’ needs. It is not only fully able people that need transportation. So, we must also facilitate transportation for those with special needs.”

Regarding taxi service in Bali, Panca said that more electrified taxis will soon be added in Bali. Currently, 30 electric taxis are operating in Bali, with plans to add 20 more this year.

The growing move to electrified taxis is in keeping with the stated policies of the Province of Bali. He described that those currently using electric taxis are from the high-level market segment and government workers. 

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