Polemic on World Beach Games at an End?

NusaBali.com reports that Indonesia’s Minister of Youth and Sports, Dito Ariotedjo, has declared an end to the polemic surrounding Israel’s participation in the ANOC World Beach Games (AWBG) to be held in Bali, 05-12 August 2022.

“No, yesterday I met with the Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, and the National Olympic Committee or the chairman of the Indonesian Olympic Committee, Raja Sapta Oktohari. It’s settled. The spirit is 1,000% that there is no polemic,” said Dito Ariotedjo on Saturday, 22 April 2023.

There was also a meeting between Minister Dito with Governor Koster on Friday, 14 April 2023, at the Governor’s Official residence (Gedung Jayasabha). That meeting reportedly agreed to fully support the Beach Games and allow the competition to proceed smoothly and successfully.

Will Israel Participate?

Dito stated that whether or not an Israeli Team will participate in the World Beach Games in Bali remains to be determined. Nonetheless, the organizers have put in place anticipatory steps should Israel’s participation in the games eventuate. “If Israel’s participation) happens, it’s been anticipated. Tactical steps for that possibility are in place,” said Dito.

A meeting is scheduled for 28 April until 01 May in Bali to be attended by the Chef de Missions for the NOC World Beach Games by delegations from 69 countries. The coordination meeting was confirmed in a letter from the Secretary-General of the Association of National Olympic Committee (ANOC), Gunilla Lindberg, sent on Monday, 17 April 2023, to the chairman of the Indonesian National Olympic Committee, Raja Sapta Oktohari.

A list of 69 countries participating in the ANOC World Beach Games does not list Israel with the final decision on the participation of two qualifying teams from Israel to be taken after the April planning meeting in Bali.

The National Olympic Committee (NOC) is a non-governmental organization affiliated with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), representing all branches of sport. The Chef de Missions Meeting includes contingents the NOC has designated to participate in the global sporting event.

AWBG Bali will be held from 05-12 August 2023, followed by a meeting of the ANOC General Assembly from 13-15 August 2023. AWBG represents one of the globe’s largest multi-branch sporting events. Based on the number of participating countries, it will be the largest event ever held in Indonesia. Before the 11th-hour refusal by Indonesia to host the U-20 World Cup, the ANOC World Beach Games were meant to serve as a starting point for President Joko Widodo’s ambition for Indonesia to host the 2036 Summer Olympics.

The Chef de Missions Meeting in late April will enable Indonesia to demonstrate its readiness to host the World Beach Games, including the supporting component elements of event venues, accommodation, and transportation. The AWBG 2023 welcomes 1,600 athletes from 130 countries. All countries participating in Bali have teams that have won the right to participate in qualifying rounds.  

Below is a list of the 69 countries and territories expected to attend the Chef de Mission Meeting in Bali for the 2nd ANOC World Beach Games 2023 from 28 April-1 May 2023. 

Conspicuous by its absence from the list is the State of Israel, which has two qualifying teams eligible to compete in Bali. The final decision on whether the Governor of Bali will allow Israeli athletes to compete in Bali will be announced on 01 May 2023.

1. Algeria

2. Argentina

3. Australia

4. Azerbaijan

5. Bahamas

6. Barbados

7. Benin

8. Bosnia and Herzegovina

9. Brazil

10. Canada

11. Chili

12. China

13. Colombia

14. Costa Rica

15. Croatia

16. Cuba

17. Czech Republic

18. Ecuador

19. Egypt

20. El Salvador

21. France

22 Georgia

23. Germany

24. Great Britain

25. Greece

26. Hong Kong (SAR)

27. Hungary

28. Indonesia

29. Iran

30. Ireland

31. Italy

32. Japan

33. Kazakhstan

34. South Korea

35. Kuwait

36. Latvia

37. Lithuania

38. Madagascar

39. Mauritius

40. Mongolia

41. Morocco

42. New Zealand

43. North Macedonia

44. Oman

45. Palestine

46. Panama

47. Paraguay

48. Peru

49. The Philippines

50 Poland

51. Portugal

52. Qatar

53. Romania

54  U.S. Samoa

55. Saudi Arabia

56. Senegal

57. Singapura

58. Slovakia

59. Slovenia

60. Spain

61. Taiwan

62. Togo

63. Trinidad and Tobago

64. Tunisia

65. Turkey

66. United States of America

67. Vanuatu

68. U.S. Virgin Islands

69. Zimbabwe

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