Q1 2023 179% More Bali Paxs than Q1 2022

Balipost.com reports that foreign tourist arrivals to Bali in March 2023 continued to be dominated by Australian visitors. Records from the Ngurah Rai Airport Immigration Office show 91,414 Australians passed through the air gateway in March.

The General Manager of the Airport Authority, Handy Heryudhitiawam, confirmed that Australian visitors predominate, followed by Indian nationals (28,588) and Singaporeans (21,255).

Based on the current high levels of domestic and foreign arrivals through Bali’s Airport, Handy remains optimistic that the number of flights landing in Bali will continue to increase.

In March 2023, there were 10,251 flight movements at Bali’s Airport, bringing the total for the first three months of 2023 to 30,884 – a number that translates to an average of 295 daily flight movements. In the meantime, Handy said intensive discussions with the relevant stakeholders are underway to add new flight and flight routes using Bali’s Airport.

 In March 2023, some 703,904 domestic air passengers passed through Bali’s Airport. This total was comprised of 353,536 departing and 350,368 arriving passengers.

Domestic flight movements are dominated by the 365,336 passengers departing and arriving on Jakarta flights. Surabaya passengers inbound and outbound totaled 94,780, with Makassar passengers totaling 38,342.

Both domestic and international passengers arriving in or departing from Bal’s Airport in March totaled 1,511,772 passengers. For the first three months of this year, 4,445,408 passengers passed through the airport, representing a 179% increase over Q1 2022.

New air routes operating to and from Bali drive passenger totals and flight movements. Recent new destinations connected to the Island of Bali include:

  • Xiamen, China, flown by Xiamen Air
  • Auckland, New Zealand, flown by Air New Zealand

Handy said that as of early April 2023, Bali serves 26 international air routes operated by 32 airlines

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