Where are the Tourists in Klungkung?

While all tourist objects in the Regency of Klungkung in southeast Bali were formally declared open with strict COVID-19 health and safety protocols on Thursday 09 July 2020, the necessary visitors to enjoy the many wonders of the region are still obvious by their absence.

Due to this lack of visitors, tourist object managers have reluctantly shelved any performance and presentation attractions until such a time as there visitors available to enjoy “the show.”

As reported by RadarBali, the head of the tourism service for the Regency of Klungkung, I Nengah Sukasta, confirmed that the cultural attractions performed during the Klungkung City Tour have been suspended until further notice.

“Attractions such as wayang kamasan painting exhibitions and barong somi dances are not presented at this time due to the absolute lack of visitors,” said Sukasta.

Sadly, the cancellation of these performance events means the contract workers employed to perform are forced to seek employment in other fields, such as working as cleaners.

Sukasta promised that the performers and presented will be called back to work once the flow of tourist visitors returns.

Despite the lack of tourists, six licensed guides remain on stand-by to lead longed-for visitors on a tour of the ancient capital. Klungkung administrators continue to pay the guides who are temporarily deployed to help tend public gardens in City.

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