Denpasar Minimum Wage Increase 1.17%

Bali’s Governor is considering proposed changes in the minimum wage structures for the City of Denpasar and the eight regencies that comprise the Province of Bali.

As reported by, the proposed Monthly Minimum Working Wage (UMK) for the City of Denpasar is Rp. 2,802,926, representing a 1.17% increase (Rp. 32,626) from the 2021 UMK of Rp. 2,770,300.

The proposed modest increase in the minimum wage level was revealed by the Acting Head of the Manpower and Competency Certification Department for the Municipality of Denpasar, I Made Widiasa, on Wednesday, 24 November 2021. Widiasa said the recommended increase sent to Governor Wayan Koster is based on guidelines contained within a Circular Memorandum from the Indonesian Minister of Manpower (Nomor : B-M/383/HI.01.00/XI/2021).

The Governor is expected to ratify the recommendation in the first days of December 2021.

Each of the eight remaining regencies will soon announce their respective minimum wage levels (UMK). The UMK for Denpasar traditionally ranks the highest among all the regencies in the Province of Bali.

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