Oil Tanker Sinks Fishing Boat off Lombok

Beritabali.com reports that s Cyprian oil tanker – MV Cape Kallia – collided with a local fishing vessel on the afternoon of Tuesday, 17 November 2020, at a location 63 nautical miles south of Lombok, resulting in four local fishermen being declared “lost at sea.”

Following the collision, which sunk the 15-meter long 26-tonne fishing vessel – KM Kerinci Indah 02, the Cyprian vessel immediately launched a search and rescue operation that eventually brought seven fishermen safely onboard the tanker. The massive Bulk Carrier, Cape Kallia, measures, 300-meters long and has a gross registered tonnage of 106,804.

When the Chief of Surabaya’s Vessel Traffic Service (VTS-Surabaya), Mulyadi, learned of the collision, he ordered the Coast Guard Patrol Vessel KN Chundamani-P 116 to join the search effort for the four missing fishermen. 

When the KN Chundamani-P 116, under the command of Captain Eko Hadi Suyanto, arrived in the search area at 10:40 pm on Tuesday, 17 November 2020, the rescued fishermen were transferred to the care and protection of the Indonesian Coast Guard.

The Indonesian fishing boat was based in Benoa, Bali, and had departed Bali at 3:00 am on Tuesday, 17 November 2020, on the morning just before the incident.

Representatives of the Lembar and Benoa Port Masters Office (KSOP) supervised the evacuation of the rescued fishermen and commenced an immediate investigation into the collision via the interrogation of the crew of the MV Cape Kallia.

The seven rescued crewmember of the ill-fated KM Kerinci Indah 02 who were transported to Gili Mas Harbor on Lombok were: Zainuddin (51), Riyanto (25), Tony Wijaya (34), Ilham (34), Wagiyo (50), Sulaiman (24), and Irawan (37). 

Meanwhile, the four crewmembers now presumed “lost at sea” are Ini (40), Iki (56), Agus (39), and Rudi (32).