Pokemon at 30,000 Feet on Garuda Airlines 

The Pokemon Company (Pokemon GO -Niantic Inc), Garuda Indonesia, and the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and the Creative Economy signed an agreement in March 2023, paving the way for an inaugural flight between Jakarta-Bali on 22 February flying the “Pikachu Jet”  with a livery emulating Pokemon Games.

The Pokeman design will become the livery on two B737-800 NG Garuda Aircraft flying domestic and International routes.

Garuda CEO Irfan Setiaputra and RI Minister of Tourism Sandiaga Uno with Poket Monster

Pokemon is an abbreviation of Poket Monsters/Poketto Minsuta – a Japanese media franchise that produces video games, animated series, films, and trading card games. The company operates in a “shared universe” where humans co-exist with creatures known as Pokemon, a large variety of species endowed with special powers. Particularly attractive to children aged 5 to 12, players and participants attract people of all ages.

Part of what is being touted as a “Pokemon Air Adventure,” Garuda’s CEO Irfan Setiaputra commented: “Garuda and Pokemon share a desire to continue to have a greater impact on society. It is hoped that the launch of this special livery design will provide added value for our passengers who are also Pokémon fans through the presence of a different flight experience.”

Irfan continued: “As one of the most popular brands in the world, the airplanes’ livery features several Pokémon, especially Pikachu.” The Garuda CEO said this design will attract the public, especially Pokémon fans. The livery will be a place to introduce Indonesia’s excellence on the global stage. The aircraft’s livery design features images of ten Pokémon figures on both sides of the plane, namely Pikachu, Squirtle, Horsea, Eevee, Aipom, and others. The Pokémon images are also aligned with the theme of cultural beauty via depictions of Indonesia’s natural and marine wealth.

Garuda Indonesia will promote Pokemon-branded products and services, such as LEDs with Pokémon designs in the check-in area and passenger boarding gate. Airplane cabin crew will welcome passengers by holding Pokémon dolls. Meanwhile, passengers can watch Pokémon Kids TV during the flight. The airline will soon start selling Pokemon-themed plane tickets via a special landing page on Garuda Indonesia’s official website. 

The Garuda Indonesia website will soon provide information on flight routes using the Pokémon-themed Pikachu Jet livery.

The inaugural flight on 22 February will be followed by a Pikachu Indonesia Journey Event on 02-03 March 2024 in Denpasar, Bali. The event will include Pokemon GO, Pokemon Run, Pikachu Splash Show, Pikachu EDM, Pokemon Kids Carnival, and a meet and greet gathering with Pokemon characters.

.Current plans call for the new livery to also appear on routes between Jakarta-Denpasar, Jakarta-Yogyakarta, Jakarta-Lombok, Jakarta-Batam, Jakarta-Surabaya, Jakarta-Malang, Jakarta-Semarang, Jakarta Makassar.

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