As Cafes Go, This one is a ‘Cats’ Trophy’

A Café located in the very heart of Bali’s beachside community of Sanur is dedicated, heart and soul, to cats. The Cat Café is located on the second floor at Jalan Danau Tablingan No. 77, with the entrance located on the building’s right side.

Opened in 2019, Cat Café was established as a refuge for abandoned cats. At the Café, rescued cats are nurtured back to good health and acclimated into living near human beings. The cats who make their home there are available for adoption.

During their stay at the Cat Café, the felines are sterilized, receive health checkups, and administered medication. The support programs are made possible through donations – with many contributions made via the Café’s website – by cat lovers worldwide.

​A South Korean resident owns Cat Café in Bali, Sora Yang.

As reported by, a recent census of cats living at the Café totaled 19 animals. Hoya is a local kitten that is only four months old and is recovering from dog bites to her stomach area. Other cats, including a Perian and a Himilayan, have been left at the café by owners who were leaving Bali and could no longer care for their pets.

Each of the cats possesses distinctive characters, ranging from naughty to purr-fect. The interior of the Café has a range of purpose-built nooks and crannies, reserved as a place to “hold reign” by a particular cat. Some animals are highly social, spending their days playing with the café’s customers or other felines’. Others prefer to sleep, only rousing when it’s time to eat. The smallest cat in the group insists on being brushed regularly throughout the day. 

A favorite among the group is “Ayu,” a local white cat that suffers from poor vision but seeks human affection at every opportunity.

The cats and the Café operators keep a meticulous house. Kitty litter boxes are installed in the bathroom, and the cats have developed a biological clock that triggers whenever mealtime comes around. 

Cat Cafe Sanur
Jl Danau Tamblingan 77
2nd floor (stairs on right side of the building)
Phone/whats app +62 8579 2852 363

Cat Cafe Sanur Website

Cat Cafe Sanur on Facebook

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